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"Michael is the best teacher I've ever had. He really listens to all my questions and concerns and teaches with so much encouragement. Before taking lessons with Michael, I could sing. Now, I am a SINGER. It may not sound like much of a difference, but the separation is HUGE. Thanks Michael!!!" - Kaylee, Singer and Actress 

"I've reached my goals with Michael. His teaching style is fun, open, and encouraging. He was the only teacher that made me feel comfortable. I opened up and really learned how to sing. He gave me new found confidence in school and in life. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to become a better singer." - Lexi,  H/S Student

"Michael is not only a very knowledgeable musician, but he teaches in a way that is very fun, practical, and easy to learn. What struck me the most is that he took the time to understand where I was at with my music theory knowledge and instrument capabilities before starting our lessons. He is very fun, thorough, pragmatic, and respectful. I've had teachers who have made me feel inadequate in my abilities. On the contrary, with Michael there is no judgement. I feel encouraged and empowered after each lesson."    Jean-Marc, Pro Songwriter 

"Michael's teaching personality is very thorough, encouraging, even paced, and patient. I've learned a variety of different piano styles. I always feel great after each lesson, having learned something new". - Alexandrea, College student

"His teaching style is awesome and mind-blowing! He teaches me drums. During the lesson I am energized and excited from all of his encouragement. Michael is the best teacher anyone can ask for!" - Chris, Middle School Student

"For Christmas I got the guitar I asked for. The only problem was, I didn't know what I was doing on it! Then I took lessons with Michael. He not only showed me how to play it, but taught me the Music Theory behind it so that I can apply it to all instruments! If you're reading this, I encourage you to just trust me and try him out. You will not be disappointed." - Frank, Accountant

" I was very much impressed by how thorough Michael was during the consultation. He took his time to listen and make sure he understood my answers to his questions. I can tell that Michael teaches because he enjoys teaching, and he loves music. I remember in school, having a teacher that was passionate,encouraging and enjoyed the work they do made a huge difference in how much I was able to actually learn. Having Michael as a teacher definitely makes that difference. The lesson didn't just feel like lesson, but almost therapeutic. I laughed, I learned, and I was inspired. What more can you ask for?" - Amil, Guitarist and Songwriter

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